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10" Single Fin


We had some expired 3D printing materials in the lab at work, so instead of letting them go to waste, I thought I would make a new single fin for my longboard. While expired RPU is not up the snuff for work applications, I thought it would work just fine for dropping bombs at the point.

I snagged an airfoil profile online ( the Eppler EA 8(-1)-006) and generated three different cross sections of the profile in matlab. These cross sections would act as the sketches I lofted between in Creo. Check them out below:


I imported these curves into Creo, and put them on reference planes, and parameterized them so I could modify the fin easily for varying levels of rad-ness​. I don't waste time rendering, so here is a crappy screengrab:


The fin turned out pretty sick, and I added those little triangles for aesthetics, paying no mind to the voids and stress risers that I added into the structure. But, I did fill the space with epoxy, honoring my aesthetics while shoring up the structural integrity of  ​the fin.

I'll post a photo of the fin in my board sooner or later. And that's how to not let 3D printing resin go to waste.

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