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Inferno Trail

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 11.33.37 AM.png

When our local trails shut down due to COVID restrictions in 2020, I decided to build a mountain bike trail of our own. For three months, I scoped potential lines, routed and rerouted segments, dug like mad, dug some more, and ultimately created Inferno. With the help and expertise of a whole crew of friends of course. Thanks Aaron, Keith, James, Dev, Phil, Jake, Nick, Erik, and the whole group for all the hard work.

The trail is pretty unique: there are tons of chutes and steep sections, some funky jumps and drops, huge wall rides, and brown pow from top to bottom. Below is a POV of the final product and some photos from the build process.


Contemplating what to cut to make the runout of this chute rideable


The final cleaning up of the eponymous chute of the trail: the inferno chute


First course walk of the completed trail

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